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Basic characteristic:

●Motor speed control adopted digital display inverter or DC speed regulator

●Temperature controller adopted imported product(RKC, etc) with the function of intelligence and dual- path

●The low-voltage apparatus adopted SIEMENS or SHINAIDE imported product ensures electrical apparatus more reliable, and long-term running Cooling system adopted Italy brand solenoid valve CEME or ACL product ensures long-term and reliable

●Having advanced display on melt temperature and melt pressure, may monitoring flow regime

Arrangement proposal:

●Economic type

It adopted standard return circuit meter controlling type with advanced PID adjusting temperature, relay controlling, interlock function, etc. Realize alarming when come across overcurrent .

Handle easy, economical and practical

●PLC type:

With simulative controlling panel, figure showing on limiting surface which can realize monitoring for parameters, interlock protecting for fault occurs, printing, showing tendency chart. Give the machine

complete interlock protection

●Computer control type ( High grade )

This style adopted hign grade PC or PCC controlling system, integration of computer with color touch screen The integrate console can realize whole line coherent operation, automatic service in real sense.

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