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Internal Mixer Special Feeder Twin Screw/Single Screw Pelletizing Line


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◆The machine use for producing plastic and rubber raw material such as(LSOH)cable material, (CPE).functional masterbatch, rubber and plastic elastomer.

◆For producing plastic and rubber raw material such as PP carbon black LSOH system,internal and external shielded cable, color masterbatch, thermal contraction system, etc.

Equipment flow path :

◆Various raw material and ingredients combination, after internal mixing, the mass material be transmit into parallel

reverse-rotating screw feeder or conical reverse-rotating screw feeder, which material all been pressed into twin

screw or single screw extruder.

The full process has passed: plasticizing, homogeneity mixing, extruding, cooling, cutting, sieving, storage.



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